The Late Night Comix Show

I’ve started streaming on Twitch. I’m calling it “The Late Night Comix Show” because I’m leading the audience (you?) through comics making activities LIVE on Sunday nights at 9 PM! I’m also reading some indie and alternative comics (comix) to tie in what what we’re making into what people have…

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Games That Have Helped

Last week I went to the Music and Gaming Festival (MAGFest) with my husband Spencer and my friend Ben. I decided to put together a quarter-sheet zine to give to people at the festival. I ended up leaving the zines at various tables around the massive Gaylord hotel, and I…

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Three Artist Trading Cards

I put together a “wisdom text” shelf after taking a meditation course with Lama Rod Owens. It’s full of texts that have helped me experience some liberation. I’ll describe this experience as one where I feel open, not stuck, an experience of not constricting around any particular thought or feeling,…

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Current Projects

Hello! Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to. Co-leading Comics in the Circle First and foremost has been Comics in the Circle. I’ve been co-organizing this weekly meetup with Katie Starr since last October. We’ve had a great, high quality turnout with about six regulars and more people…

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Intentions for this blog

Hello! I’m excited to finally start this thing. I’ve been imagining it for over a year now and I’m finally brave enough to start it. I intend for this blog to be my Super Official Internet Home for expressing my comics-related thoughts. In the past I’ve wanted to write WAY…

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