Intentions for this blog

Hello! I’m excited to finally start this thing. I’ve been imagining it for over a year now and I’m finally brave enough to start it.

I intend for this blog to be my Super Official Internet Home for expressing my comics-related thoughts. In the past I’ve wanted to write WAY too much for any decent Instagram or Twitter post. It seems an old fashioned blog is what I’m after.

Social media has been a great tool for discovery and engagement. I’ll still use it! But I also find it abusive. Profit-driven content algorithms, quantitative engagement comparisons, slot-machine-like psychology, and insulation from the greater web — it’s all very gross. I like email and RSS feeds. They give more power to both the sender and the receiver. Start a mailing list! Start your own blog! Let me know about it!

What’s this blog about?

Expect my personal experiences making comics, going to meetups, experiencing festivals, maybe teaching classes. I want to get honest and vulnerable, contribute to the comics renaissance from my vantage point, and help people engage with comics making, because it is just so darn fulfilling and accessible! Paper and pen! That’s it, if you want it to be!

My affinity for comics making has led me to truly sacred community, at first in small doses, but now in HUGE heartwarming doses as I co-organize and co-run Comics in the Circle. I want radically inclusive community! I want to do more of what I love, and I want other people to find that too, and I want us to be well together. For some of us, making comics really helps.

I also want to contribute to the digital public commons like some of my role models. Blogs that have helped and inspire me include Juan Jose Fernandez’s blog (I’ve been taking amazing private lessons with him), Lynda Barry’s blog (she has been my greatest inspiration for a couple years now), Kevin Huesinga’s, Austin Kleon’s, and the blogs Brain Pickings and Wait But Why.

I’ve created a page on this site with other great comics-related resources. I hope I can be helpful in distilling and pointing to big buckets of wisdom for comics making beginners.

I’m really open to how this blog goes. I’m excited to be in the presence wonderful DON’T KNOW. If you’d like to follow along, please subscribe via email or RSS feed!

Me and Lynda Barry’s “don’t know” monster

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