Games That Have Helped

Last week I went to the Music and Gaming Festival (MAGFest) with my husband Spencer and my friend Ben. I decided to put together a quarter-sheet zine to give to people at the festival. I ended up leaving the zines at various tables around the massive Gaylord hotel, and I traded some away at the little trading-only market. Often times the zines I left were gone within hours!

Below is the full zine, including Spencer’s three illustrations I placed in between the stories.

That’s the zine!

Here are those links: and Below is a photo of me trading my zine at the trading-only market, taken by Ben Shrager! Then there are photos I took of the community band concert featuring Ellen McLain (voice of GLaDOS, Portal spoilers!), an amongus as seen from the Gaylord hotel atrium, and the little free library in the indie arcade where I dropped my last few zines.

I wish I made fan zines for when Juno Birch came to Cleveland, or when Trixie and Katya’s show came through. My plan is to make more of these for different events, then incorporate them into my personal zine, CIMZANY. That’s all for now!